The difference between an real estate agent and a real estate consultant

What is real estate consulting about?

Contrary to the mere real estate brokerage and marketing, i.e the usual agency activity, the real estate consultancy is a compreehensive consulting activity. The consulting already starts before the conclusion of a consulting contract by defining the framework of the acquisition. It accompanies the customer throughout the complete search and acquisition process and ends only with the complete processing of the acquisition. Especially foreign prospective buyers, who cannot speak German or don't speak German well are able to make sure with the help of a consultant experienced in the Berlin real estate market to make the best possible investment decision meeting their requirements.

What does a real estate consultancy include?

The services of a real estate consultancy cover on the one hand economic questions and on the other hand cover the individual preferences of the customers. Real estate consultancy begins with the definitiion of the desired investment sum, the intended purpose of the real estate acquisition - own use, capital investment or a mixed form of both - the desired location, etc., and an initial assessment of the feasibility of the project takes place. Upon conclusion of the consulting contract, the actual search begins. In addition to a large number of real estate portals, several websites of real estate agencies as well as various newsletters are included in the search. The customer is presented with a pre-selection according to his criteria, from which he selects the objects interesting to him for a viewing, so that first documents can be requested and appointements can be agreed upon. If possible, the actual viewing are organized jointly with the customer and serve to further contain the pre-selection. If afterwards a real estate object is further interesting to the customer, all documents will be requested and viewed. Once the customer is convinced of an object, the price negotiations begin while at the same time involving the customer. This often results in greater savings compared to the originally offered sales price. Once the buyer has agreed to the final price, the contract draft is created and designed in the best interests of the customer with a selected notary. If necessary, the contract is translated to the customer. The signing of the contract can take place with our accompaniment as well as only by ourselves with the power of attorney by the customer. The subsequent execution and execution of the contract is, of course, also comprehensively followed until the end.

When do I need a real estate consultancy?

Lack of experience

The German housing market, in particular the Berlin housing market, is primarily a rental market - traditionally, people rent rather than buy apartment. This is why there is a lack of experience for German buyers in particular. If you do not know exactly what to look for or pay attention to, you take the risk of making a sub-optimal decision, which can eventually cost you a fortune.

Lack of time

In addition, the search for your own four walls sometimes takes a lot of time and effort - a difficult balancing act, if you lead the life of a professional at the same time. By pre-selecting and searching for suitable objects by our consultants, the search time can be reduced considerably, so that in the end you can only look at what is really feasible - or even go as far as to go and see the apartment for the sake of completeness only right before making the purchase decision.

Lack of knowledge of German

If you don't know German language or your knowledge is insufficient, already the screening of advertisements and their assessment cause difficulties. Even if one thinks of having found something interesting, it is imperative that the entire documentation of an object is viewed and understood in order to carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the potential purchase object. After all, it is of utmost importance to make the purchase contract in the best interest of the buyer, in order to save unnecessary costs on the one hand, and, on the other hand, to be able to decide as early as possible on the destinies of the apartment.

Lack of presence in place

Buying an apartment is a serious decision, often for the rest of your life. If you can not be in place, it is almost impossible to make a decision. Due to the persistently high demand for apartments in Berlin and the partly very limited offer on the other hand, it is important to act quickly. If an apartment is rented, you can often not even affect when it can be visited. It is therefore an enormous advantage if the consultants can react quickly and promptly as soon as an offer comes onto the market. If the offer is really interesting, you can make sure that the apartment is not sold to somebody else by making a reservation, while you can plan the trip for viewing the apartment in peace.

Property management

Property management in the real estate sector refers to the management of a single apartment as a separate property - in contrast to the joint ownership which refers to the entire condominium. The property management refers to the entire tenant management as well as, if desired, to the representation of the owner before the house administration and authorities. Especially for owners, who are not powerful to German, it is recommended to use the support of our experienced consultants.

Research / market analyzes

Market analyzes, or real estate research, are services in the area of marketing. These analyzes are important for real estate consultancy. The Berlin real estate market has characterized itself in recent years by the fact that demand exceeds supply. Current developments in urban planning mean that the weights of the individual regions shift. Inward and outward migration to and from individual districts lead to a change in popularity - which leads to a change in prices. The permanent monitoring of the latest developments on the Berlin housing market helps us to make recommendations for the best possible purchase decision for our customers and, where possible, avoid overpriced prices due to the greater popularity of individual areas.

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